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NZLS - Fujitsu

{Java, Spring, REST, SOAP, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Jasper Server}

The RegistrationDB web application is the primary application that NZLS staff use to maintain personal details about all NZ registered lawyers. It is a Java web application running on Apache Tomcat.

We completely replace the 'presentation layer' of the application with a new implementation that uses Spring MVC and jQuery.
We updated the visual design to be consistent with the public website.

Archibus - Fujitsu

{Java, XML, javascript, SQL}

Provision and install Property Management software from a company called ARCHIBUS for the Ministry of Social Development of New Zealand.

The driver for this was for Government to gain an understanding of its total property portfolio, what it owned, what it leased and how many sq. metres it actually used.
The business driver behind using this software is to see what potential cost savings and rationalisation might be achieved by having a single view of all Government property assets.


SFR : Repondeur +

{Java, Spring, REST, SOAP, Tomcat}

The "Repondeur +" project allows the clients to personalize their greetings.
For example a client can create a greeting which will be played for a period for everyone or will be played only for some friends.
The service is available on the web and on the cell phone (Iphone and Android).

Votre Répondeur Intelligent pour personnaliser vos annonces Votre Répondeur Intelligent pour personnaliser vos annonces Votre Répondeur Intelligent pour personnaliser vos annonces

SFR : Call Routing

{Java, Spring, REST, SOAP, Tomcat}

The "Call Routing" project allows the clients to forward specific call to an other phone number.
For example, an employee can create a rule to forward all calls to his colleague when he is on vacation.
The service is available on the web and on the cell phone (Iphone and Android).

Vos renvois d'appels

SFR : Security Mobile

Security Mobile project allow you to locate your mobile, to save your contacts and give you some advise about the security on your mobile.

SFR : Mon Sfr

Mon Sfr project allow the users to personalize the SFR web Home with some widget.

SFR : Sfr Mail

The Mail Page was created to have one unique way to create a sfr mail for the different user profil and use case.

SFR : Widget

SFR Widget Project allow the customer to access to his mail, sms , voice mail and credit from the computer desktop. The service was available on Windows, Mac and linux.

SFR : Ma Sfere

Ma Sfere is a hub with your mail, your contact, and your media from Mes Contenus.

SFR : Mes contenus

Mes Contenus allow the user to manage video,music and picture and to share with some friend or to share on facebook or flick.



{Java, Oracle 9i, Hibernate, Webwork, Spring,SwiftMQ (JMS), ArcIMS, ArcSDE}

Lead a group of six developers in development of a web application for the French Department of Agriculture in a fixed price project. Calculate and send on time, the EU subsidies for the 488 000 farmer for a total of 11 billions euros.


Credit Agricole

{Java, Oracle 9i, Forms 6, EAI (Web Method) XMP RPC, PL/SQL}

Technical Projects Manager for the business risk domain.



{Java,Tomcat, Microsoft Reporting Services, Oracle 9i.}

Realize the Siris web application, designed to allow business units around the world to flow up to Paris headquarters, the social data required by the French NRE (New Economic Regulations) law.


France Telecom

{Java, MQ Series, Oracle, Toplink, WebSphere 4}

Participation in the new implementation in Java of the online store for France Telecom www.agence.francetelecom.com as a developer.